Redevelopment Ministry

The redevelopment mission…

 of S.O.A.R. is to acquire blighted or run down properties in

 Manatee County — preferably HUD, Bank owned, (even

 donated properties)— and restore them to marketable

 conditions.  They will be used for rentals with a portion of the

 rent going into a savings program, accumulating for a down

 payment.  The restored property will be sold for 7% to 10%

 above the cost of procurement and restoration but below market value.  All proceeds from the sale of each home will be used to perpetuate the cycle.

people helping


We will work with other organization and local government agencies to vet and place individuals, currently living in these neighborhood, who have a strong work and rent paying history.  Selected individual(s) will also need to complete the mandatory S.O.A.R. financial training program.  The goal is to apply Biblical precepts to give a hand up that provides an opportunity for those in the lower socioeconomic level to know the pride and privilege of home ownership.


For information, contact:

Randy Marks 805-444-5284